Fake News & Verification

There is an immense amount of wrong information on the internet, creating a problem that can be described as 'information pollution.' Being aware of the different types of wrong information and motives behind its creation is an essential first step in not getting fooled. This section is full of tips, tools, and strategies for verifying information on the internet, and assessing the reliability of sources and claims

Lesson 7 – ‘Fake News’ and Verification


Backgrounder & Lesson Plan  (Word) (PDF)

Deck 7 ‘Fake News’ & Verification (PPT) 

Activity 7.1 ‘Fake News’ and Verification (Word) (PDF)

Activity 7.2 Becoming a Fact-Checker (Word) (PDF)

Fact-checking with Craig Silverman and Jane Lytvynenko

Video 1: Verifying Images and Videos

Video 2: Looking up Claims and Website Owners

Video 3: Evaluating Social Media Accounts

Verification with Mike Caulfield

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Investigate the Source

Video 3: Find the Original Source

Video 4: Look for Trusted Work

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